About Us

DataArbitrage is a program that generates money by selling your personal data and uses that money to purchase fake social media accounts. DataArbitrage then sells the data from the fake social media accounts,buys new social media accounts and commences a process of data arbitrage whose result is the dilution of useful data due to the overabundance of fake personal information!



The practice of buying something (such as foreign money, gold, etc.) in one place and selling it almost immediately in another place where it is worth more.



Big data is currently one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative industries in the world. Data brokers in the US alone process more than $15 billion worth of personal data annually. That data belongs to you and is being taken without benefit to you through techniques of harvesting and analyzing your personal information as it appears on platforms across the web. Data brokers know where you live, what you earn, what you like and what you buy--then they use this information for their own benefit without your consent or knowledge.

But, the system is changing. There are a growing number of services that let you reclaim partial control of your data, allowing you to aggregate and sell your personal information as a packet. Brokers and their clients “buy” the right to access this data from you at a weekly rate, then sell it as abstract data to brands, retailers, media agencies, and banks eager to create  comprehensive data profiles which will enhance their abilities to market their goods and services. In choosing to sell your personal data, you are effectively reclaiming the value of something that was formerly taken from you without your permission or knowledge.

Within this new market for personal data, the user is now able to connect their social media information with their purchasing data, providing advertisers with a more comprehensive understanding of consumer interests and spending habits. We recognize the value in creating a more transparent and open economy. However, we see this new data-aggregation system as another step forward in a large-scale attempt to normalize the invasive realities of big data.

By cashing in on their data as a commodity, consumers are surrendering to a system that seeks only to profit from details about their private lives. In doing so, consumers are letting the realities of big data go unquestioned, positioning the act of harvesting our information as natural and normal.


We see this developing economy as a space for economic possibility and mischief. We earn cash by selling our personal data, then use that money to purchase more social media accounts in large quantities--the data from which we immediately re-sell. In doing so, we expand our presence on the web and our own ability to influence the data pool, utilizing a fundamental flaw in the current data aggregation system: the incredible ease with which one can generate fake profiles and, subsequently, data. For only a few dollars, it is possible to purchase hundreds of fake social media accounts. And with a weekly payment of $1-2 per account from third-party data brokers, a significant profit exists with which to buy more fake accounts.

Ultimately, we hope to create an ever-expanding loop of arbitrage, with the end goal of using fake accounts to eventually dilute the entire pool of big data.

We built DataArbitrage within a larger lineage of digital autocannibalism, alongside projects such as Google Will Eat Itself. Like GWEI, DataAbitrage seeks to deconstruct a system of corporate interest and greed by creating a self-destructive loop in which the system, in its continuous search for profit, feeds on and eventually destroys itself.

Right now, the data industry functions opaquely. We all know that it exists, and we recognize, panoptically, that our presence on social media or online shopping platforms means that our information always has the potential to be surveilled, harvested, analyzed, and used to manipulate our individual web experiences to be as profitable as possible. However, as consumers, we never really see these processes at work: the data brokerage industry, by and large, acts as an invisible middleman between our socially mediated selves and the companies that use those platforms to surround us with personalized advertisements.


The Arbibot

In order to create fake data, we need fake accounts. Current fake profiles will create lots of noise, but because they're mass produced copies of each other, tech companies are getting smarter and smarter at weeding them out.

We needed something a bit more real.

We have developed the Data Arbitrage Bot, or ArbiBot, for short.  ArbiBots live on your computer and fake social media interaction by posting, liking, and tweeting.

But unlike bots today, ArbiBots will learn how to fake being human over time. By watching your interactions online, it will grow and develop a personality over time. As the ArbiBots social network grows over time, they'll become smarter and harder to distinguish from real users, polluting the value of real data.

Our Progress

Through DataArbitrage, we can undermine the value of data, until it becomes too uncertain and too costly for companies to collect and understand. When the cost to collect a terabyte of data surpasses its value, then the data economy will stop running.

Our analysts have projected 2020 as the year we will break the data economy.  In the mean time we have already started making a dent in the data economy.



Projected Value and Cost of Usable Data in the next 5 Years


How do I fit in?

Help speed up the destruction of the data market by downloading DataArbtirage yourself!  We will soon release the full program which will hopefully speed up  the arbitrage process from a few decades to a few days!


Email: data.arbitrage@Gmail.com

twitter: @dataarbitrage